Idaho Training Oversite Committee

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The Idaho Training Oversight Committee (ITOC) was established under the Great Basin Fire and Aviation Training Committee (GBTC) to coordinate training with municipal and rural fire departments and Idaho's Professional-Technical Education System (PTE). The ITOC coordinates activities within the Idaho Zone and shares information with the Northern Idaho Zone Training Committee. ITOC's two primary functions are: Oversight and coordination of intrastate fire training, including the involvement of the Idaho Emergency Services Training Program (EST); and the role of the Idaho Zone Training Committee, which interfaces with the GBTC and NARTC, training outside the geographic area, and sponsors additional 300 - 400 level training.


Level 100-200

- Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Training Cooperative
- North Central Idaho Interagency Training Cooperative
- South Central Idaho Interagency Training Cooperative
- Southwest Idaho Interagency Wildland Fire Training Cooperative
Annual Wildland Firefighter Safety Refresher

Level 300 & Above

- Great Basin Training Unit
- National Wildland Fire Training
- Zone Nomination Priorities

Prescribed Fire

- National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center
- Southwest Fire Use Training Academy
- Prescribed Fire OJT Program

Systems Training

- Communications
- I-Suite
- FAM Web
- Lessons Learned Knowledge Management System
- ROSS - click on "Implementation / Training at top of page
- IQCS - click on "Training" link on left side of page


- Ag Learn
- BLM 9215 Handbook
- DOI Learn
- Leadership
- Technical Fire Management
- UNLV Education Program
- Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program



- Interagency Aviation Training
- All Hazard


Contacts / Members Plans / Directives Additional Information

- Board of Directors and Members
- Idaho/Wyoming Zone Training Subcommittee
- Position Standards and Certification Subcommittee
- Idaho/Wyoming Zone ICS Workforce Plan Task Group

ITOC Annual Operating Plan - includes information about the nomination process, membership, charter, calendar of events and meeting schedules.
- Errata Sheet #1


Issue Papers

Unit Identifiers