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Sawtooth Helitack

United States Forest Service

Sawtooth National Forest


The Sawtooth Helitack crew is based at the Friedman Memorial Airport at Hailey. We are part of the Ketchum Ranger District but are a Region 4 fire resource and respond to incidents across the west. We are one of the oldest Helitack crews in the country, established in 1963.

The crew numbers 10 with half seasonals and half permanent employees. During the fire season this configuration enables us to allow some crewmembers to go off-forest or staff a second helicopter while covering our primary contract helicopter. The crew is experienced in and can be expected to perform duties across a variety of tasks, including initial attack, helibase, large fire rehab, and on-forest administrative projects.

Our helicopter is a Bell 206 L-IV that is rappel certified; we have been a rappel crew since 1997. It is contracted for 100 days during the summer and we often extend into the fall as conditions warrant.



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