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Twin Falls District Fire and Aviation Jobs

The Bureau of Land Management Twin Falls District Fire and Aviation Program is one of the largest and most diverse wildfire programs in the United States. This program is a busy one! District-wide we respond to and support approximately 150 fires that burn 150,000 acres each season. Annually the Twin Falls District experiences numerous challenging and exciting rangeland style wildland fires, allowing excellent opportunities for employees to hone current skills and qualifications, and to develop new ones. 

The fire program promotes employee mentoring, by working with those employees who express a desire to diversify their knowledge and learn new skills. We aggressively promote each functional area within the fire program working together to provide cross training opportunities for employees. They are able to experience firsthand how the various individual units work together to achieve common program-wide goals.   

Annually, we are able to offer employees early spring and late fall work opportunities on fire rehabilitation and fuels management projects. We regularly pursue and support detail and training opportunities for employees either within or outside the program. 

In addition to the significant opportunities that exist within the fire suppression program, our organization also has much more to offer!  We have an outstanding fuels management program, a complex aviation program, busy fire dispatch and mitigation/education programs, and more.

The Twin Falls District Fire and Aviation Program is well known and respected across south central Idaho and beyond. We have strong leaders who focus on improving our organization and providing for our employees. The “Magic Valley” area is a great place to make your next career move!  If you would like more specific information about individual units within the Twin Falls District Fire and Aviation program or the Magic Valley area, please click on the appropriate links in the table below...

An ' X' marked in the box in front of a work unit indicates that a permanent job vacancy announcement is posted on that unit's page.


The city of Twin Falls, with a population just over 40,000, is the main hub of this area, which is affectionately known as the “Magic Valley.” Twin Falls District Fire and Aviation has main duty stations in Shoshone, 27 miles north of Twin Falls, as well as in Burley, 40 miles to the east of Twin Falls. Small towns are scattered throughout the Magic Valley area, offering opportunities for country living.

With housing markets of great concern to anyone considering a move, it will be a relief to know that Twin Falls offers very reasonable real estate values, with the average price of a new home in 2007 falling at $137,000. Whatever your budget or lifestyle may be, the Magic Valley area offers housing options that can suit your desires and needs.




Recreational opportunities abound in the Twin Falls District, with lots of wide open spaces to enjoy. The Snake River Canyon cuts magnificently through this area, offering waterskiing, rock climbing, BASE jumping, fishing, golfing and more. Ski areas include Sun Valley, Pomerelle and Magic Mountain. Motor biking, hunting, hiking, mountain biking, and four-wheeling are just a few of the other options for enjoying the area. Whatever your outdoor fancy, you can find or create it here.

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