Idaho Falls District BLM Engine Crews

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Idaho Falls District Fire Management Mission Statement:

To provide a hardworking and progressive workforce dedicated to an effective and efficient fire management program through outstanding public service, professionalism, mentorship, physical fitness, productivity, and safety.

Idaho Falls District BLM Engine Crews - Stations 1 - 4


At this time there are no job openings with the Idaho Falls District. Check back in the fall of 2015 for hiring announcements for seasonal jobs in 2016.

More About the Idaho Falls District BLM Fire Engines

Our engines are responsible for initial attack coverage over all of east Idaho. We staff about 16 engines each year (5-person Type 4 Wildland Engines) with guard stations in Salmon, Dubois, Atomic City, Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Fort Hall, American Falls, Chubbuck, Pocatello, Malad, and Soda Springs. We also staff two initial attack dozers and a water tender. Government housing is available at five locations on the District.

We also work closely with the Snake River Hotshot Crew in Pocatello. Our engine personnel fill in on the crew during the summer as needed. And those who have the desire, successfully complete a season on one of our engine crews, and meet the physical fitness requirements have the advantage of getting selected first on our Hotshot Crew the following season.

Physical conditioning is directly related to safety on the fire line. Therefore, we feel that maintaining a high level of physical fitness is the key to a safe and effective program. Our daily physical training program is something we take seriously and we expect this of all of our firefighters. All firefighter positions require passing the Work Capacity Test (three mile walk with a 45-pound pack in 45 minutes or less). Additionally, we have set fitness goals from "Fit To Work," a publication from the Missoula Technology Development Center and we participate in the BLM National Fire Operations Fitness Challenge. Click here for fitness related information, such as nutrition and pre-season physical fitness training plans.

District engine crew fitness goals:
1.5 mile run in a time of 10:35 or less
40 sit-ups in 60 seconds
25 push-ups in 60 seconds
7 chin-ups


Pre-Season Rookie Fitness Average
Activity 2011 2012 2013 2014
1.5 mile run 10:54 10:13 11:12 10:52
sit-ups 75 77 67 77
push-ups 42 69 55 44
chin-ups 9 13 9 11


Pre-Season Best Fitness Scores
Activity 2011 2012 2013 2014
1.5 mile run 8:29 7:58 8:22 8:13
sit-ups 132 161 121 123
push-ups 110 188 104 113
chin-ups 22 32 29 26

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